AI KI DOAIKIDO is a modern defensive martial art that developed from traditional japanese arts such as sword fighting (Ken-Jutsu), stick fighting (Jo-Jutsu) and unarmed combat techniques (Ju-Jutsu). Founder of Aikido was Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969). If you have never heard of AIKIDO before, think of a mixture of Judo, Jiu-Jitsu and Tai Chi combined with a dancers feeling for rhythm and the mental imperturbability of a zen monk.

Aikido's sectrets do not lie in how you move your feet but in how you move your mind. I do not teach you martial arts techniques - I teach non-violence.
– Morihei Ueshiba

In AIKIDO we learn new ways to nonviolently meet an attack, i.e. without giving back as you were given. We do not frontally confront an attacker, we try not to "bash our head against a wall" and not to further fuel a conflict.We are always anxious to guide the aggressive energies that we encounter such that nobody, neither attacker nor defender, is harmed. One way to translate AIKIDO is a way (DO) to balance (harmonize, AI) the energies (KI) we encounter.

Our AIKIDO follows the SEISHINKAI Aikido of Thorsten Schoo and emphasizes a clear and stable basis, focusses on fluent and dynamical movements, on the feeling of contact to the partner and on flexible foot-work - without forgetting the aspects of self-defense and of fighting. Seishinkai Aikido is not a new Aikido style, but a modern and innovative way of practicing and teaching Aikido. We practice Tai Jutsu (unarmed combat) and Buki Jutsu (armed combat). Both branches complement and mutually enrich each other. This allows the practitioner to collect valuable and fundamental experiences that will help them on and off the tatami to better understand themselves, to better protect their values and their lifes and to fully assume responsibility for their life. Our Aikido feels obliged to Morihei Ueshiba's original message and is technically in line with the teachings of Seigo Yamaguchi Sensei, Christian Tissier Sensei, and Thorsten Schoo Sensei. We offer classes for all levels of expertise from beginner to advanced martial artist.

Generally, Aikido is suitable for women and men, for the young and the elderly. Youths practice seperately in their own groups and can joint the adults classes beginning with about 16 years. Requirements for taking up Aikido classes are normal basic mobility, fancy for cooperative practice and a good portion of fighting spririts. The classes will be of course adjusted to your skills.

The Aikido Zentrum Offenbach is member of the Seishinkai Aikido Deutschland e.V. and the International Shiseikan Budo Association (ISBA).