The Aikido Zentrum Offenbach offers professional Aikido classes for adults led by experienced teachers and trainers. Beginners, advanced students, and experienced practitioners from other martial arts are offered individual coaching customized to their needs. We highly emphasize balanced training to improve health and general well-being that enhances your mobility. Breakfall practice (jap. ukemi), strengthening exercises, and stretching play an essential role in class and complement the technical forms of training. Very early, beginners start to move fluently and feel the pleasure of Aikido movements.

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Aikido is a purely defensive martial art with no competition or sparring. Nevertheless, we frequently practice attacking – if only to improve our defense. We also look left and right at other martial arts. An amicable relationship with Aikido practitioners from different associations and styles is essential. The Aikido world is vast and offers ample room for exploration. We also keep connecting to other martial arts to enrich our training and exchange experiences. We regularly practice martial arts basics, such as fighting on the ground, hitting and taking hits (as well as kicks), and general self-defense.

In general, each class is open to all members. However, the different classes have different emphases:

Aikido Basic: Here, we practice all the essential basics for your future Aikido training: fundamental movements, breakfalls (ukemi), basic techniques, and martial arts. These classes are particularly suited for trial practice. All beginners should visit the primary types. But we recommend this class even for advanced students.

Aikido All: This is the class for everybody! Depending on who attends the course, we practice different elements of Aikido and delve into the details.

Aikido Intensive: This is an intensive course. The target group for this class is practitioners with some experience and security in ukemi (breakfalls) who want to practice with a higher level of exertion. Here the focus is not on learning new techniques but we practice to perform already learned techniques fluently with many repetitions. Dedicated beginners are also invited to participate.

Weapons Basic: We offer 30-minute classes in weapons practice. Weapons classes are suitable for all practitioners and are meant to support the Aikido practice and to achieve a deeper understanding of the various Aikido techniques and principles. The traditional Aikido weapons: Sword (ken), Stick (jo), and knife (tanto), are taught.

Ken-Jutsu: This is the intensive Ken-Jutsu class. All members who want to delve deeper into fighting with the Japanese sword are invited to participate. The emphasis of the course is on the Kashima-no Tachi Ken Jutsu style. Requirements are regular attendance and bringing your weapons. More on Ken Jutsu …

Jo-Jutsu: Momentarily more intense Jo-Jutsu practice is offered during regular weekend seminars.



19:00 – 20:30 Uhr Aikido
20:30 – 21:30 Uhr 


19:00 – 20:30 Uhr Aikido