Of course! A free trial practice is always possible. If you don’t have any Aikido or Budo experience you should visit on of the basic classes on Tuesday or Thursday at 19-20 hrs.

Yes! Everybody is encouraged to set his or her own practice pace. An important aspect in budo training is to better control your own body. This includes to recognize and to respect your own limits. If you are not aure whether you are sufficiently healthy for the practice you should consult a doctor.

You are only as old as you feel. If you do not suffer from severe health limitations and if your doctor didn’t spoke against you doing sports you can start to practice. If you don’t believe us look here: Still not convinced? How about now?

In the beginning and for trial practice just bring comfortable (long) sportswear (no shoes). If you decide to practice regularly you need a Judo or Aikido suit (keiko gi). We can order one for you – costs for an adult gi is ~45+ EUR and ~30 EUR for kids.

If you want to regularly participate in weapons classes you should buy your own training weapons (Jo: stic ~ 50 EUR, bokken: light wooden sword ~40-50 EUR, or bokuto: heavy wooden sword ~70-100 EUR). Please talk to us if you are not sure what to do. For the beginning we can lend you a weapon.

What you can learn from is is of course priceless 🙂 however, we need to cover rent, power, etc. Members pay a monthly fee:

  • Kids (younger than 18 yrs.) pay 30 EUR/month
    • (every additional sibling pays 24 EUR/month).
  • Adults pay 50 EUR/month.
    • We offer reduced fees of 40 EUR/month for low-income earners (e.g.: students, jobless, etc…).

Yes. We need to understand what fighting actually means. But nobody  walks home frustrated because he/she again lost against a stronger opponent. Aikido’s concept of strength is more complex. If this intrigues you, come visit us.

Yes, if you want to. We call them passages, and they are voluntary, but we strongly recommend to do them. Belt exams are a good opportunity to actively review what you learned in class.

This really depends on your situation. We strongly recommend a regular attendance – whatever this means for you. Generally, adults practice 1-2 per week . But we also have memebrs who come less frequently.

Yes, absolutely! Aikido does not depend on physical strength or on the higher weight to overcome an opponent. This makes AIKIDO a martial arts discipline that is very often practiced by women.

Generally yes! But this is a decision of our association.

Then ask it! Visit us or contact us. We are looking forward to hearing from you.