Ushiro Otoshi Ukemi



Ushiro Otoshi is a form of backward breakfall. It is important that uke's feet and head exchange positions. To do that, the legs have to be lifted up and the upper body has to go down. First contact with the ground is made with the hand or the lower arm. Proper body tension ist of prime importance in order to accelerate the center upwards. It may be helpful to look at your hand that is about to make contact with the ground. If you master this ukemi it becomes very soft and lithe. The french name for this ukemi is "feuille morte", which means withered leaf (dead leaf literally)

Mae Ukemi



Mae Ukemi means forward breakfall. The videos show some examples in slow motion, taken from different directions. The forward breakfall from kneeing position (suwari waza) and from the standing position (tachi waza) are demonstrated. It is important that your back touches the ground beginning from the shoulder to the opposite hip.


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