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Markus Röllig, 5. Dan

Technical director of  Aikido Zentrums Offenbach


  • Aikido since 1995, teacher: Thorsten Schoo (6.Dan Seishinkai)
  • Aikido teacher training 1995-2006
  • Aikido teacher since 2006
  • Founder and  technical director of the  AIKIDO Zentrums Offenbach (founded 1. February 2006)
  • Born 1969, studies in BWL, physics and astronomy, PhD in astrophysics, Habilitation in experimental physics.
For me Aikido is the perfect way to learn more about myself. The practice means a complete immersion and I experience the pleasant calmness within the action. The mind lets go and body and gut take over. In Aikido I can confront my fears and discover my strengths. Within everybody slumber unheard-of energies and aggressions – it is on us to discover them and to utilize them wisely.

Markus Röllig - 5. Dan



  1. Dan, 1998, FFAAA/Aikikai
  2. Dan, 2000, AFD/Aikikai
  3. Dan, 2004, AFD/Aikikai
  4. Dan, 2007, Seishinkai
  5. Dan, 2015, Seishinkai


Aikido vita

Markus began his Aikido practice in November 1995 with Thorsten Schoo, who was then 1. Dan Aikido and head of the Aikido Institut Frankfurt. He immediately became hooked and came to class 4-5 times per week. Early he started to accompany Schoo sensei on national and international Aikido seminars. Thorsten Schoo was a direct student of Christian Tissier from Paris, France and he weekly visited his dojo to take classes there. Frequently Markus came along to Paris to attend Tissier sensei’s classes. He also attended seminars by other teachers: Patrick Bénézi, Pascal Durchon and later Marc Bachraty to practice with them.

Regular visits to the annual summer seminars in France became a constant in every summer. Intensive practice with many advanced students from France and from the rest of Europe. In addition his own teacher, Thorsten Schoo started to organize summer seminars providing ample opportunity to fill many summers with 4 weeks of intensive Aikido-life.

His 1. Dan grading was taken in Paris in June 1998 as a member of the french Aikido association FFAAA. Two years later, in November 2000 he passed 2. Dan grading in the newly founded  Aikido Föderation Deutschland, headed by Christian Tissier Shihan. In June 2004 Tissier Shihan awarded him his 3. Dan. After the foundation of the Seishinkai Aikido Deutschland association, Markus became a member and received his 4. Dan in the summer of 2007 and recently, in August 2015 he received his 5. Dan.

In January 2006 Markus began to teach classes in addition to his own Aikido studies. He founded the Aikido Zentrum Offenbach and together with his wife Annette formed a new group of Aikido practitioners in Offenbach. Supported by his motivated students they could start to offer Aikido for kids. Some of his advanced students later founded their own dojo in Offenbach. In 2014 the Aikido Zentrum Offenbach moved into their own dojo space in the heart of Offenbach.