Aikido for adults

At the Aikido Center Offenbach you will find professional aikido lessons for adults from experienced teachers and trainers. Whether beginner, advanced or experienced from other martial arts, we offer individual training, adapted to your needs. We place a lot of emphasis on a balanced workout that improves health and overall well-being and increases flexibility .

Fall school (jap. ukemi), strengthening exercises and stretching have their fixed place in the lessons and complement the technical form training. With a little experience, you will begin to perform movements fluidly and feel the pleasure of aikido movements at an early age.

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Aikido is a purely defensive martial art without competition and sparring. Nevertheless, we regularly practice the attack – if only to have to make the defense better and better. Also the view over the edge of the plate is of great importance to us in the Aikido center Offenbach. A friendly connection to aikidokas from other federations and styles is especially important to us. The world of aikido is vast and offers much room for discovery. We also keep in touch with other martial arts disciplines to enrich our training and share experiences. Regular practice of martial arts basics, for example ground fighting, punching and taking punches (including kicks) and general self-defense are practiced frequently with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course! A free and non-binding trial training is always possible. Simply book online via our course system.

Yes! Everyone sets their own training pace. An important aspect of our training is to better control our own body and this includes recognizing and respecting our own limits. If you are not sure whether you are fit for the training, consult your family doctor.

You are always as old as you feel. If you don’t have a bad health condition and your doctor has forbidden you to do sports, then you can also practice AIKIDO.
You do not believe us? Then take a look here!
Still not convinced? Well, now you are, aren’t you?.

For the trial training you only need comfortable (long) sportswear (no shoes). If you decide to practice regularly you will need an aikido or judo suit (Keigo Gi). We can also get it for you – cost for adults from ~45 EUR, for children from about 30 EUR.

If you want to participate regularly in weapons training you should buy your own weapons (Jo: stick ~50 EUR , Bokken: light wooden sword (~40-50 EUR) OR Bokuto: heavy wooden sword ~40 or 90 EUR). Please contact us if you are unsure. In the dojo there are enough rental weapons for the beginning.

Of course what you can learn with us is priceless 🙂 but still rent, electricity, etc. have to be paid. For members there are monthly fees. You can find the prices here.

Yes. We want to understand what fighting actually means. No one leaves training frustrated because he or she has lost again to someone stronger. In Aikido, the understanding of fighting is very complex. If this makes you curious, then come by.

Yes, if you want. Belt exams, in our country they are called passages, are voluntary. However, we always recommend to strive for belt exams, because they offer a good incentive to actively and intensively deal with the techniques.

That depends on you. For us, a certain regularity is important and the honest motivation. On average, adults train one to two times a week. However, there are also many who come less frequently (regularity is even more important there).

Yes, absolutely! Since AIKIDO does not depend on physical strength or higher weight, AIKIDO is a Budo discipline that is especially often practiced by women.

Yes, all graduations are recognized.

Then ask us! Visit us in the dojo, or contact us, we are looking forward to you.