Our team

Teachers and trainers

Our certified aikido teachers and aikido trainers have many years of experience both in their own aikido practice and in teaching. This includes several years of trainer:inside training for children’s training and the appointment as an aikido teacher by the board of our association Seishinkai Aikido.

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Some of our advanced youth also have over 10 years of aikido experience and assist in children’s training.

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Markus Röllig

Aikido is the perfect way for me to get to know myself. For me, training means completely blocking out everyday concerns and experiencing the soothing calm within the action. The head switches off and the body and stomach take over. In Aikido I can face my fears and discover my strength. In each of us unknown energies and aggressions are slumbering – it is up to us to discover them and to use them sensibly.

Technical director of the Aikido Center Offenbach

  • Aikido since 1995, Teacher: Thorsten Schoo (6th Dan Seishinkai)
  • Training as aikido teacher from 1995-2006
  • Aikido teacher since 2006
  • Founder and Technical Director of the AIKIDO Center Offenbach (founded on February 1, 2006)

Annette Röllig

For me, Aikido is a physical way to get to know oneself with one’s limits and possibilities, and to develop one’s own potential, in the spirit of O’Sensei Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of Aikido:

“Aikido starts with you.
Work on yourself and your task in this art.
Every person has a soul that wants to develop,
a body that is waiting to exercise,
To go his own way.
You are here to unleash your true potential,
and to carry your inherent enlightenment into the world.
Create peace in your own life
and then apply this art to everything,
what you encounter in your life.”

Morihei Ueshiba, The Art of Peace, No. 1

Chairwoman Aikido Center Offenbach e.V.
Seishinkai Aikido teacher for children and adults
Head of the children’s training

Founding and board member Seishinkai Aikido Deutschland e.V. 2007 – 2022, last position Vice President
Occupation with martial arts since 1992 (Wendo, Karate), Aikido since 1997

Monika Neubrand

What does Aikido mean to me:
Aikido training gives me the chance to bring my soul into harmony with the sound of creation, which otherwise perhaps can only be achieved by making music. The rest in the movement/the movement in the rest gives me strength, for my various tasks and responsibilities. I also get answers to my endless questions related to the “do” and the “energies” in the training again and again.

What does it mean for me to assist in children’s training:
I did a lot of competitive sports as a child and teenager (athletics, apparatus gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, handball, standard formation dance) and therefore feel that the lack of competition in Aikido is very positive and beneficial for the children. It is a great pleasure for me to train with the children, to direct a little bit their “pure Ki” and to support them to find their way for a strong life. At the same time, it is extremely important to me at all times to respect the children in their character and to simply let them be who and how they are.

Born January 29, 1971
Graduate sociologist (minors: social psychology/psychoanalysis, philosophy, statistics)
Mother of one Aikidoki, 9. mon.
Occupation with martial arts since 2000 (Kung Fu, Thai Chi), Aikido since 2014 (6th KYU).

Matthias Schäfer

I started with Aikido in 2004 and took a break for 12 years in between. In retrospect, I would say: unfortunately. In my main job I am a teacher at Leibnizschule/Offenbach, I am married and dad of 3 children.
Why I am doing the training to become an Aikido children’s trainer?
Because I believe that children can learn (almost) everything in Aikido that you really need in life … and because it is great fun for me.