Our mission

Valuable experience

Many exciting experiences await you: a better attitude – internally & externally; more confidence in yourself and in your abilities; better fitness, more well-being and balance as well as better stress management, just to name a few.

No matter if you are a beginner, advanced, athletically gifted or rather immobile – we will find ways for you to make these experiences on your Aikido way.

No violence

In AIKIDO one learns to find ways to meet an attack without violence, that is, without answering like with like. You don’t meet an attacker head-on, you don’t try to “go through the wall” with your head and thus further fuel the conflict. One always strives to direct the aggressive energies that rush at us in such a way that no one, neither attacker nor defender, comes to harm. Thus, AIKIDO can be translated as a way (DO) to balance (harmonize, AI) the energies (KI) that we encounter.

Our AIKIDO is based on the SEISHINKAI Aikido of Thorsten Schoo and lives from a clear and stable base, from flowing, dynamic movements, from the feeling of contact to the training partner and from flexible footwork – without losing sight of the aspect of self-defense and fighting. Seishinkai Aikido is not a new style of Aikido but rather an innovative way to train Aikido. We practice both Tai Jutsu (unarmed combat) and Buki Jutsu (weapons practice).

Young and old

Basically, Aikido is suitable for women and men, for young and old. Teenagers train in their own group and can join the regular adult training from the age of about 16. The prerequisite is a normal basic mobility, the desire to work in partnership and a healthy pinch of fighting spirit! Of course, the training will be tailored to your abilities.


Aikido is also a wonderful thing for our younger fellows. Our children’s training not only promotes physical fitness and agility, but also automatically increases self-confidence and teaches important social skills such as respect, tolerance and courtesy towards others.

Above all, the children learn to trust themselves, their training partners and the trainers in order to explore what they themselves are capable of.

In addition to playful exercises, the children learn sometimes complex techniques that require all their concentration.


Whether beginner, advanced or experienced from other martial arts, we offer individual training, adapted to your needs. We place a lot of emphasis on a balanced workout that improves health and overall well-being and increases flexibility. Fall school (jap. ukemi), strengthening exercises and stretching have their fixed place in the lessons and complement the technical form training. With a little experience, you will begin to perform movements fluidly and feel the pleasure of aikido movements at an early age.

Aikido is a purely defensive martial art without competition and sparring. Nevertheless, we regularly practice the attack – if only to have to make the defense better and better. Also the view over the edge of the plate is of great importance to us in the Aikido center Offenbach. A friendly connection to aikidokas from other federations and styles is especially important to us.

Basics of martial arts, for example ground fighting, punching and taking punches (including kicks) and general self-defense are frequently practiced with us.